Sonography School [Part 1]

I start my program and I have officially finished my first week this week, so today is Saturday and I’m not going to lie, I almost forgot to do some posts so I’m doing it right now, it’s Saturday night, so let me tell you how my week went, Monday, I didn’t have classes, obviously it was a holiday so we started on Tuesday, on Tuesday was our first orientation, so we basically had to go to school with our uniforms, so we had to watch Scrubs and had to wear our Lab coats, actually, let me show you guys what we had to wear.
sonography scanBasically, here’s our scrubs, solid black, we had to wear underneath this, which is our lab coat, okay so we wore our uniforms, we got to meet the seniors of the programs, so those were the second year students, we come in as juniors, we basically start down full eight hours and they were telling us about the rules of the school and all of the stuff that we had to follow and they love their rules, they have so many rules, so we got to know one another, we have a really small group, probably like fifteen of us.
I think I got really lucky with this group because there are literally no egos, we have former doctors who are doctors in other countries, we have health care professionals in our group, so it’s really cool, so that was Tuesday, Wednesday, we had to go to one of our hospitals that we do our rotation in and we did our CPR class there, we took the class, we took an exam, so I got my rule card that says that CPR certified or whatever, it’s cool, so that was on Wednesday, Thursday, first official day of classes, we had a few classes that day and we did our first lab which is really cool because we got to scan on each other.

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